Software Development

Tetranova developes software systems by analyzing its customers unique production, procurement, sales and transportation workflow processes in order to store the data that it wants to follow in these processes and to obtain information from this data. These systems are created with the integrated operation of multiple components that allow users to communicate over different platforms according to their corporate requirements. In addition, communication infrastructures that allow communication with other software and hardware systems that create or consume data can also be part of the system.

Web Based Software

These are software components which
  • Are developed using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC or Laravel,
  • Has responsive UI design,
  • Can communicate with all RDBMSs (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.) that can be connected by Entity Framework and
  • Can be hosted on any hosting platforms including cloud environments.

Integration Infrastructures

These are software components which
  • Developed with RESTful, WSDL or SOAP approaches,
  • Uses JSON and/or XML as data transfer objects and
  • Enables communication with several end systems.

Web Sites

These are software components which
  • Developed using our own product Tetranova CMS,
  • Has unique and responsive visual UI design,
  • Has very optimized and small page footprints for fast response time,
  • Has content headers for social media integration and search engine optimization (SEO),
  • Having search engine friendly URLs (SEFURL) for all its pages.

Mobile Applications

These are software components which
  • Developed using Apache Cordova,
  • Can run on mobile devices that has IOS, Android or Windows Mobile operating systems,
  • Has small package sizes thanks to simple coding approach and
  • Has unique visual design.